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Our Fabrics
No one stitches like we do.

We use long-staple cotton, which has longer cotton fibers to create stronger, smoother threads.

Our seams are finished immaculately with the raw edges folded and sewn inwards to prevent fraying and act as additional reinforcement for a stronger seam overall. This step takes more time and is more costly, but combined with strong threads, it allows the product to be washed many more times without falling apart - hence the 100 wash guarantee we make to our hospitality partners. We use proprietary methods of finishing the fabric, which produces the lasting soft and silky feel.

See our Care Guide for how to extend the life of your linens.

The Art of The Weave


About Our Percale

Percale is a fresh, clean fabric; a classic crisp cotton. Our percale is 100% long-staple cotton and woven to ensure added softness over time. It’s matte, cool to the touch, and durable.

  • 100% long staple cotton
  • Matte finish
  • Fresh, crisp and light


About Our Sateen

Sateen is a completely different feel. Smooth and supple. Our sateen is also 100% cotton but goes through an extra process to give it a subtle gloss.

  • 100% long staple cotton
  • Subtle sheen
  • Smooth and buttery feel


sateen fabric detail
white hotel bed

About White

You may have noticed that we only offer our linens in one color: white. White is the hospitality standard - it’s easy to wash en masse and goes with everything. We may not always only offer white, but for now, we are only offering the product that is loved by luxury hotels.